Wet, Messy, and Dirty Movies
These adult videos contain fully or partially clothed actresses doing various sordid things amid water, food, or other clinging substances. Movies are listed alphabetically by title; followed by director; producer; and date of release (if known). The letters M and F denote the numbers of males and females in each scene. Use your browser's search feature to find the elements (e.g., lez, stockings, food) that arouse your particular interest.
This list is not complete. If you know of any more good hardcore wet/messy movies (preferably semi-nude), then tell me about it on the Movie Submission Form.
  1. Anal Al's Adventure; Al Borda; Horne Boi, 1993
    • FFFF--Poolside lez orgy involves women in designer stockings serving each other with baby oil, the garden hose, and anal dildos.
  2. Aqua Fuckers; (anthology)
    • FM--A lot of screwing around in showers; since I'm a clothing freak, the one scene that interested me was a possible Pachard production, in the bath with her in stockings and he with her bra around his neck.
  3. Beyond the Senses; Chris Monte
    • FFM--Cook and maid take turns smearing cake batter, cracking eggs, and squeezing tomatoes over big-breasted woman; messy, foody threesome finishes near-nude except for maid's lace wristlets and jewellery, grey sweatshirt on girl.
  4. Blowing in Style; John Stagliano; Evil Angel
    • FF--In a beauty parlor, one girl sits in the sink and lets the other run the tapwater over her butt and lick her labes through her cotton panties.
  5. Club Lez; Chi Chi LaRue; Valley Girl, 1990
    • FF--Two buxom Latin women in spandex swimsuits have a food fight in the kitchen with cherries, whipped cream, and honey; finally strip off their messy spandex to slip and slide and lick quim on the greasy kitchen tiles.
  6. Debbie Duz Dishes; Bob Vosse; AVC, 1986
    • FF--Nina Hartley (pink bra and panties) and Keli Richards (lavender garter belt, black stockings) rub cake flour and batter over selves before dyking it up on the kitchen counter.
  7. The Dinner Party; Cameron Grant; Ultimate, 1994
    • FFF--Debi Diamond is a stylish widow in her black mesh hat, black dress and pumps, black stockings, garter belt, bra and panties, as she visits the gynecologist. She is served by two equally stylish nurses, Celeste and Misty Rain (white uniforms and high heels, white stockings, garter belt, bra & panties). The examination is thorough, as Debbie chews off one nurses panties, and they probe her with dildos, smearing her down with baby oil, and they rip off each other's stockings.
    • FF--Two girls in peasant dresses slosh each other with milk, quickly disrobe and have a slippery lez session on the soggy kitchen floor.
    • FM--Man and woman make love under a leaky roof; her white stockings get good and soaked before they finish up fucking nude in the mud.
    JPEG Image
  8. Dirty Girls I; Femanic 1995  FEMANIC - Bizarre Lesbian & Solo Videos
    • F--Felicia, a redhead in blue bodysuit and tights, smears her body with custard and champagne; changes to black bra, panties and stockings, resumes custard rubbing while fucking herself with the champagne bottle and her panties.
    • F--Blonde Carol rubs her pussy through her black net bodysuit while unseen hands drip yoghurt over her body.
    • F--Jennifer crouches on hands and knees while someone pours custard over back of her black lace panties; lies back and rubs more yoghurt over bustier, panties and pussy; stuffs panties in pussy, licks them off.
    • FF--Vanessa and Felicia in a panty-licking prelude to a lesbian scene that begins foodplay in DG II.
  9. Femania 2; Jay Ashley; Elegant Angel, 1997
    • FFF--Two brunettes (one with a pierced tongue) meet in a raining alley. One is wearing a long dress and high-heeled sandals, the other boots, shorts and body shirt. They rip each other's clothes out of the way, go down for tongue play in a large puddle. Third girl (white cotton top over spheroid breasts, spandex shorts, white go-go boots) watches, rubbing crotch over streaming fence pole. The other girls tear off her top and briefly masturbate her with it, then all dive into dildo-dunking session in the soggy alley.
    • FF--Two blondes, one in blue bra and panties, other with red undies, pour thick cream over each other and lick it off.
    • FFF--Standard threesome of blondes in stockings ends in brief feathery pillow fight.
  10. Fetish of the Month 3; Raw Talent
    • FM--An amateur rap-style video, shot in the bathroom. Toeman smears his bra-and-stocking clad woman with fruit, vegetables, milk, and an octopus (!) while she sucks his dark meat.
  11. Hard Dicks and Slick Holes (anthology); Ball Buster Video
    • FM--Chef seduces French maid, soaks her black corset and stockings with red wine and his sperm.
  12. Harlem Candy; Henri Pachard; Hustler Video
    • FFM--Angel Kelly in red panties, and Tiffanie Storm (white garter belt and stockings) get soaked in chocolate sauce, lez on the kitchen table, take turns sucking off Herschel Savage. (Note: I can't confirm this, since I saw only the censored version.)
  13. Harley Girls; Christine Alexis
    • FF--Two blondes in stream bed; one munches the other's moss through her lacy white and wet panties.
  14. Hello, Norma Jeane; F. J. Lincoln; Video Team, 1994
    • FF--Heavy-breasted Summer Cummings and Chayse Manhattan strip of their flower print dresses to white undies, high heels and lace ankle stockings. Chayse squirts oil over Summer's panties, then eats her out.
  15. Hot Licks; Henri Pachard; Electric Gold, 1986
    • FFM--Kristara Barrington (red garter belt, tan stockings) and her blond girlfriend (purple garter belt, black stockings) take turns blowing a man in a hot tub. Tit-sucking, pussy-licking, foot play in the water, cum on ass.
  16. International Phone Sex Girls II; John T. Bone; Pink, 1989
    • FF--Amber Lynn sprays champagne on her blonde girlfriend's snatch; girlfriend wearing black bustier and designer stockings. Soggy sofa scene.
  17. Lace; Paul Norman; Video Team, 1990
    • FF--Girl in white nightie and panties joins her friend in the shower.
  18. Leather; Paul Norman; Video Team, 1990
    • FF--Two girls in bikinis soak each other in soft drinks before getting into some serious muff-diving.
    • FF--Lois Ayres and friend, both in shorts and T-shirts, smear each other with food as a prelude to doing the dyke stuff.
  19. Leather and Lace; Paul Norman; Video Team, 1990
    • FF--Third in Norman's all-girl trilogy: Girl in white nightie and panties joins her friend in the shower.
  20. Les Lesbos of Paris I; Charles de Santos; Lipstik
    • FF--After a blonde gets egg on her purple-striped panties, Amber Lynn sits her in the kitchen sink, washes her through her underwear, then screws her with a banana.
  21. Me, Myself, & I; (anthology)
    • F--Platinum farm girl sits on hay bale washing her panties; pours water and hay over self, rubs down body and pussy with a colorful collection of wet underwear.
  22. My Bare Lady; Scotty Fox; Moonlight, 1989
    • FF--Porsche Lynn, in white garter belt and mesh stockings, lezzes Shanna McCullough in the soapy bathtub.
  23. Naughty Neighbors; John T. Bone
    • FFM--Girl squirts motor oil over her blonde friends body and black stockings, and they both dive into a dirty threeway. (Note: I haven't seen this movie.)
  24. Nikki Loves Rocco; Paul Thomas; Vivid, 1996
    • FFF--Melissa Hill, Tabitha Stevens, and Kitty Monroe lose their formal gowns and some of their underwear as they squirt whipped cream and strawberries over each other's bodies in an all-too-brief (and possibly censored) kitchen lez scene.
  25. No Fly Zone; Frank Marino; Legend, 1994
    • FF--P.J. Sparxx in white bra gets hosed, leaves on wet bra as she licks and loves her girlfriend in a tree.
  26. Party Extreme; Magma, 1993
    • FFM--Threesome on dining table ends with girl getting chocolate sauce all over her face, hair, blue bra, garter belt and stockings.
  27. Performer of the Year; Jonathan Morgan & Alex Sanders; Wicked, 1995
    JPEG Image
    • FF--Debi Diamond in white bow-topped stockings and Bionca roll around in chocolate sauce. Dirty dildo action.
    • FMMMM--Four guys rip off Debi Diamond's business suit, then gang-bang her in the mud and the remains of her pantyhose.
  28. Rainwoman 6; John T. Bone; Coast to Coast, 1994
    • FFM--Two women in swimsuits squirt each other's bikinis and pussies, take turns fucking a man through their swimsuits.
    • FF--Melanie Moore (black panties and stockings) and Sarah Jane Hamilton (floral bra, garter belt, white stockings and shoes) lez under the shower. Soap and sponge play, finishes with Melanie using dildo on SJH to make her squirt girl juice.
    JPEG Image
  29. Sam's Fantasy; Henri Pachard; CDI, 1990
    • FM--Joey Silvera screws Samantha Strong (black bra and panties, shoes) on dining room table, smears fruit and vegetables over her, fucks her through her panties.
  30. Schocko Party; Magma, 1992
    • FM--Man and woman have picnic in a barn. They screw, get covered in wine, hay, and chicken slices. She doesn't mind ruining her peasant dress, garter belt, stockings or shoes.
    • FM--Another picnic. Blonde strips down to mismatched stockings (one white, one red); boyfriend covers her in honey and ketchup, bones her on the stairs.
    • FM--Rather surrealistic scene: Eurasian lady gets covered in honey.
    • FF--Outdoor girls rub food over each other's pussies.
    • FFMM--Orgy. Girl in black slip lies on table while men take turns covering her in peas and veggies. Other girl joins in for sloppy foody frigging.
  31. Separated; Paul Norman
    • FFM--Final orgy scene has flashes of threesome: 2 girls in bras and stockings take turns blowing man in the shower.
  32. Sodomania V; Patrick Collins & Parker Schurman; Elegant Angel, 1994
    • FFM--Man talks 2 bikini-clad women into rubbing themselves down with birthday cake, followed by play with garden hose and sodomy.
  33. Strong Rays
    • FM--Mike Horner does his girl in a bubble bath while she's wearing a black bustier, panties & stockings. (NB: I only saw the censored version.)
  34. Take My Body
    • FFM--Mary Monroe and girlfriend, both in black stockings and garters, surprise a man in a bubblebath; poured champagne enhances the threeway fucking.
  35. Take this Wad and Shove It; Max Hardcore; Zane, 1994
    • FM--Woman in red bra, garter belt and stockings gets spaghetti dumped over her and porked in the rear.
  36. Wet; Andrew Blake; Valentine, 1998
    • FFF--Three women wearing only high heels make whoopee under a waterfall.
    • FF--Picnic scene in which Anita Blond (black panties) pours wine over Dahlia Grey's black stockings, garter belt, shoes, and pussy, then licks it off; later wets her down with garden hose.
    • FF--Dahlia Gray, in white bra and panties, stockings & shoes, plays with herself on stone steps while blonde Anita Blonde pours endless glasses of milk over her.
    • F--Dahlia Gray, in white stockings, garter belt, & shoes, takes a brief dip in pool.
    • FF--Dahlia & Anita again: in topless swimsuits & heels, chase each other into pool before settling down to naked & soggy licking.
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