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Vicky, Denisa Heaven & Candy

Three beautiful Femanic girls making love and pissing on each other's faces.

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Rafaella & Vicky 1

Rafaella and Vicky pissing on each other till they're completely soaked in urine. Between all the lesbian pissing you'll see a lot of spit play and cunt and ass licking.

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Madelyn 2

Madelyn's lesbian piss bath.

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Farrah & Honey 1

Farrah and Honey playing with food and pissing on themselves and on each other. The scene starts with Farrah solo and is one of the hottest solo masturbation scene ever. Farrah degrades herself without any limitations and loves every second of it. She makes herself gag and puke and she pisses on herself, rolls in the piss, and covers her own face with spit. Nothing is fake about this and she has at least three orgasms. After the last orgasm she breaks down and starts crying. They were tears of joy probably! After that Honey walks in to get her share of piss and food play and she finishes with an orgasm as well.

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Daniella, Vicky, Jolanda & Rosie 1

Four beautiful girls doing nothing but pissing on each other and spitting on each other. When the bladders are empty and the floor has changed into a pool of piss, they roll and play in it.

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Vicky & Rosie 1

This video starts with Vicky stuffing herself with cake, in a very messy way. The cake ends up everywhere and she even fucks the cake using her face. Then Rosie joins for some lesbian food play action, after that it's golden shower time.

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Jolanda & Barbara 1

Introducing Jolanda and Barbara. We've been shooting 8 movies with them, this is the first one. Each movie is different. For example in movie 1 they piss on each other's faces, in movie 2 they piss on each other's faces, in movie 3 they piss on each other's faces. Oh well, to make a long story short, we have a bunch of movies showing Jolanda and Barbara doing nothing else but pissing on each other's faces. O yes, they also do some armpit, pussy and anus licking. Yes we're getting boring, we know it. But you love it, don't you?

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Gita & Cynthia Vellons 2

During this shoot these pissing lesbians haven't been dry for a second. Drenching each other with piss and spit, drinking piss, eating out each other's cunts and asses, ass to mouth and ass to cunt sickness, fucking each other's cunts using their faces, screaming orgasms, armpit licking, nylon fetish and hair play.

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Jolanda 1

Jolanda teasing you, very slowly, taking her time. Then she can't hold it anymore and has to put something inside her wet soaking pussy.

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Sasha & Liza 3

Remember Sasha and Liza? Every time we worked with them they ended up pissing on each other, it was insane! Still in August we booked them again hoping they had learned some manners by now, only to discover they even got dirtier! So this is again Sasha and Liza, again pissing on each other, licking each other, coming on each other and screaming on each other.

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Cathy 1

New Femanic model Cathy masturbating and coming, getting pissed on by Manuela and finishing with anal dildoing.

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Manuela 3

Beautiful piss slut Manuela pissing on herself and loving every second of it.

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Cathy & Manuela 1

Two of our hottest models in a scene with all the classic Femanic ingredients; very wet kissing, intense pussy licking, face fucking, ass to cunt and ass to mouth filth and of course pissing on each other.

Tereza 2

She's probably Femanic's most beautiful model and in this video she's playing with water and getting soaking wet. Girls just look better when they're soaking wet, don't they?


Gita solo. Very wild and intense ass to cunt and ass to mouth dildo, after that she covers her face with spit.

Manuela & Tisha 3

Manuela and Tisha having fun in the bathtub. They start with anal toy including ass to cunt and ass to mouth, then they fuck each other's cunts using their faces, after that they piss on each other's heads. During this shoot Tisha discovers that she doesn't really enjoy getting spit and pissed on and she breaks down and cries, but Manuela is having a good time and still being soaked and all wet from the piss she worships Tisha's ass and burries her face in it.

Manuela 2

Manuela getting messy in the bathtub.

Gita & Cynthia Vellons 1

Gita and Cynthia Vellons mixing food with piss.

Manuela & Tisha 2

Manuela and Tisha fucking each other. Ass to cunt and ass to mouth dildo pleasure, hair play, Manuela face-fucking Tisha's cunt, spitting and pissing on each other's faces and Manuela washing her hair with a mixture of piss and shampoo.

Manuela 1

Manuela solo: soaking her panties with spit, masturbating, pissing on herself, then using her hair and her outfit for mopping the floor, putting her soaked outfit back on again, continuing masturbating while covered with her own piss, with ass to cunt and ass to mouth action, drooling all over herself non-stop and then having Tisha piss on her face. Watch this supermodel degrading herself and getting degraded to the lowest imaginable levels.

Manuela & Tisha 1

Manuela pissing on Tisha's face.

Michelle 1

Blond animal Michelle in solo action. She uses her fingers and a dildo on her pussy and fingers her anus, then licks her fingers clean, after that it's real orgasm time again.

Sasha 2

"I love being fucked" is what she says at the beginning of this video. But being alone Sasha has no other option than fucking herself using her fingers and toys. And these fingers and toys go everywhere... enjoy watching one of our most beautiful models in ass to cunt and ass to mouth action. After having her orgasm she turns her face to the camera and describes in detail what she'll be doing in the next video.

Lola 1

Introducing Lola. Dressed in an latex outfit she obviously feels very comfortable and masturbates using fingers and toys and reaches orgasm after orgasm.

Elvira 3

Elvira in super hot food play action. She gets the food everywhere, and her yogurt covered dildo goes everywhere as well.... in her pussy, in her ass, back to her pussy, back to her ass, then she licks it clean.

Elvira 2

Elvira pisses in a bowl and covers herself with the warm piss, she washes her panties in the piss and puts the piss drenched panties inside her pussy, and puts the panties back on. She rolls in the piss and when she's totally drenched she masturbates herself into an orgasm. As common here at Femanic the orgasm is real and we've never seen Elvira getting so hot during a shoot before. You can throw away your "women love flowers" books, women love to roll in warm piss, that's what gets them off, Elvira proves it!

Ellen 2

Ellen eating and playing with food. She chews banana, spits it out on the table and licks it up again and most of the chocolate custard and whipped cream ends up in her hair.

Rhonda 1

New Femanic model Rhonda soaking the chair with piss.

Sasha & Cate 2

In these scene Sasha & Cate Harrington start with swapping spit. They spit on each other's bodies and into each other's mouth, they fill a wine glass with spit and play with it, then they piss in each other's mouth. Cate swallows it as if it's lemonade! When the bladders are emptied and both faces are piss and spit covered, Sasha face-fucks Cate's wet hairy cunt and ass. There goes the make-up again!

Ellen 1

Introducing new model Ellen. Beautiful girls have to piss too sometimes! This video shows Ellen pissing in different outfits and positions and at the end you'll get to see a short preview of Ellen's first messy food play shoot with us. You may notice that Ellen looks like she's in a bitchy mood from time to time. One reason for that is that as a fashion photo-model/catwalker she is not used to doing video but she also definitely has an attitude. She obviously needs it and she's gonna get it, in front of camera. We are shooting with her again in a few weeks from now so in the coming months you can enjoy watching her getting a lot of what she needs.

Eva 1

Introducing our newest model Eva. Watch her brushing her teeth when getting ready for a photo shoot. At the end of this scene her teeth are absolutely clean - but she is not!

Sasha & Tereza 1

Sasha and Tereza in foodplay action!

Sasha 3

Sasha is in a bitchy mood and needs to go for a pee urgently but just does it sitting in the chair without taking off her trousers first.

Sasha & Cate 1

Sasha & Cate Harrington drenching each other in spit and piss. Cate Harrington won this year's AFTA/BGAFD award for Best Female Performer and now you can see her drinking piss, right here, right now!

Tereza Ilova 1

Tereza Ilova pissing for you.

Tereza Ilova & Michelle 1

We only work with beautiful models and Tereza Ilova and Michelle are beautiful. Tereza was published in Penthouse magazine, now you can see her in kinky lesbian action with her stunning friend Michelle. In their first Femanic scene you'll see them in anal toy pleasure (including ass to mouth) followed by Tereza fisting Michelle. She finishes it off using a dildo and Michelle comes screaming. Tereza does an amazing amount of spitting and drooling, and after watching this scene you'll probably agree that nothing looks hotter than a spit covered pussy.

This is only the first of six Tereza & Michelle scenes, the other scenes (with pissing, food play and water play) will be added to our member section in the coming weeks, and we'll be doing a lot of shooting with these super babes again in the near future.

Sasha & Liza 2

Hey look, it's Sasha and Liza again, and again they meet in a field and again Liza pisses on Sasha. Is this what they do all the time? It's insane!

Brigitte 3

Super babe Brigitte playing with yogurt, milk and strawberry marmalade.

Sasha & Liza 1

Sasha and Liza meet in a field and piss on each other, mixed with some lesbian cunt and ass licking and some passionate kissing.

Brigitte 2

Brigitte peeing outdoors.

Sasha 1

Sasha has a fetish for saliva, that's obvious. Her nipples are hard and she's blushing often during this video. Once her face is shining due to all the spit she fills a wine glass with saliva and then drinks it. Then she drinks a bowl of Liza's piss, and she pisses in the bowl herself, and plays with it.

member S.G. wrote: Just wanted to say thanks for posting the Sasha content on Femanic. She is the most beautiful girl I have seen in a long time.

Brigitte & Frida 1

Brigitte and Frida fill a plant sprayer with piss, then Brigitte sprays Frida with the piss.

Brigitte 1

This may be the hottest masturbation scene you've even seen. This is real. We left Birgitte alone with a chair and our camera. She teases you, she masturbates taking her time, she slowly takes off her fancy clothes, one by one, and finishes with an intense orgasm. This is porn the way it should be: real and hot!

Elvira 1

Elvira playing with strawberry icecream. Eating it, smearing it on her face and body, and putting it in her hair.


Blondie & Laura

Sheila 1

Sheila getting messy with the help of a jar of peanut butter.


Isabel Ice

Jane & Joyce

An-Lee 2

An-Lee in solo anal action, doing a lot of ass to cunt and ass to mouth, and pissing in the tub.

An-Lee 1

Kinky beauty queen An-Lee first peeing in a bowl on the table, then lying upside down peeing in her own mouth and swallowing it.




Francoise & Bitch







See Caroline, a brunette with the sexiest eyes and poutiest lips you've ever seen, in the shower with a hand held shower head nozzle soaking her nylon stockings, sheer lacy white top and g-string panties. In the second part we have Caroline licking a black dildo vibrator, making it all wet, spitting on it, making it literally drip with spit all the while looking straight at you with those penetrating eyes. Part three has another girl standing above Caroline (who is still masturbating with the dildo) and pissing onto her through a pair of white nylon pantyhose. Caroline then proceeds to lick this girl's thighs, ass, and soaked crotch, through the pissy pantyhose! Next comes probably the most beautiful scene of the three videos so far. Caroline gets a golden shower from a bare naked cunt standing directly above her. See Caroline's hair, face, mouth and blouse get splashed and sprayed with torrents of hot piss which we can hear streaming out of this girl's crack! As if that isn't enough to make you cum buckets, the next scene has Caroline standing above a large glass bowl which she pisses into, filling it completely up. She picks up the bowl and pours the piss all over her face, head, hair and body, drenching herself and the lingerie. See her then get down and mop it all up with her hair as she continues to spit saliva.

Brenda 2

This scene shows Brenda squatting in the shower eating a bowl full of cream puffs. See her rub them into her pretty pink sweater, fishnet panties, stockings, and face. She then gets sprayed with whip cream, rubs that in, then showers off fully clothed. See her hard nipples poking through her wet sweater.

Brenda 1

Meet Brenda, a vivacious blonde in fishnet stockings, a sheer black top and black g-string panties. Watch as she masturbates her cunt and plays with her beautifully round tits after she is covered in vanilla custard by an off-camera friend. There are many great close-ups of her rubbing the custard into her wet slit and everywhere else. Then she takes off her panties and shoves them into her cunt, then into her mouth, then into her cunt again, and then into her mouth again! Brenda also likes to take a syringe full of milky goop and inject it into her pussy. Watch it slop out of her as she fucks herself first with a bulbous double-ended dildo, then with a peeled banana which she mushes all over herself when she's finished.

Wendy 3

Wendy 2

Wendy 1

Angela 2

Angela 1



Stephanie starts masturbating using a vibrator, and she finishes it off using her fingers, reaching an intense, strong orgasm. Then she pisses on the bed, so soon she is lying in a pool of her own warm piss, and she plays with it for a while till she's totally drenched. Then her girlfriend joins in, and Stephanie makes her come as well.


Carol starts masturbating using a vibrator. She also tries to push the vibrator into her ass, but she is too tight and groans in pain. After that she puts on a pantyhose and pisses through it. Then she gets covered in strawberry yogurt and reaches an orgasm.

Vanessa & Felicia

Vanessa gets caught by Felicia while playing with herself. Felicia talks her into sharing a drink and a meal, and before Vanessa knows what's going on she's eating vanilla custard from Felicia's hairy cunt. For desert she gets covered in a mixture of custard and champagne. This scene is a lesbian WAM classic.

Monique & Jennifer

Jennifer ties Monique down to the bed and licks vanilla custard off her face and vulva, and then makes Monique come using her tongue. After that Monique pisses on the bed.


Jennifer puts her panty in her cunt, pees, licks the drenched panty and rubs it in her face, then she takes a head to toe oil shower.


This little beauty was so innocent and naive when she modelled for us. We made her lay upside down, pissing in her own mouth, and she swallowed it as if it was lemonade. After that we injected half a gallon of chocolate custard up her pretty ass, which she expels and smears on her cunt and in her face and hair. After that she makes herself come using a bottle of beer.


Felicia loves to play with food and champagne. See how she smears herself with vanilla custard and strawberry yoghurt and messes up her clothes and lingerie.


the photo series

Honey 1

introducing Honey

Chelsea 2

Chelsea in same outfit, getting wet for you

Chelsea 1

Gita 1

Lola 1

Tereza & Michelle 1

Amandine 1

Amandine 2

Marsha 1

Blondie 1

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